"Like all living beings, skin needs to be cleansed, nourished, cared for and cared for" Loubna khenissa

Flourishing in a culture of ancient natural remedies since a young age, Loubna Khenissa combines the legacy of her Mediterranean roots with the scientific knowledge acquired during her Biology studies.

Passionate and sensitive, Loubna offers a real dialogue with your skin to help resist the damage caused by oxidizing agent, such as stress (hormonal disorders, excessive exposure to the Sun, ‘draconian’ diets, excessive and useless cosmetics, etc.) and roll back the physiological aging effects. The diagnostics, wellness and beauty care programs she offers are all aimed at the skin's health in the the service its beauty.

A special care program is developed for each individual and then adjusted during each treatment according to specific events and ongoing problems. The sessions combine dense manual procedures and application of specifically created care products: skin cleansing, deep massages of the facial muscles and fascia,... interact with the products designed and manufactured by Loubna from Mother Nature’s gifts.

A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences at Paris Descartes University (Graduate Diploma, Advanced Studies Diploma), Loubna has taken care of hundreds of people’s skin needs for over a dozen years in Paris, Switzerland and pretty much everywhere in the World. Men and women, all ages and skin types, her clientele is multicultural and international. Loubna also speaks Arabic, French and English.